Mindset to Heal Intro Class

When - August 14th

8am PST/9am MST/10am CST/ 11am EST 

Where - ZOOM

Link will be provided Upon Registration 

What - 90 min of Powerful Healing Work

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Join Matt Rowe, author, speaker, meditation practitioner and healer on August 14th
 8am PST, 9am MST, 10am CST, 11 am EST 
as he discusses and teaches the Mindset to Heal from autoimmune disease. 
During this powerful online event Matt will be providing steps to align your thoughts, energy and vibrations to increase the impact, habits and strength of steps you taking to feel better like you used to. 
  • Have you tried multiple things for eating a healthy diet to meditation but still not feeling better.
  • Have you ever felt that you may be missing something on your healing journey?
Balancing Rocks


What I want to share with you all today is.... Matt has a journey where we learn skills and tools to use in our lives. That we can use, and also see ourselves living with MS or other autoimmune conditions Not in the way the Dr's say,most of us have all lived this "oh take this drug oh if you don't you're only going to get worse", Matt shares and teaches us even if we are on a drug that yes there is so much more out their that can help us care for and help our bodies feel so much better. I know I have changed from walking 20 steps to over 600. Not in one long go. But something I would have never pushed myself to do without the support of this group. Now this is not something you sign up for if you're not willing to grow and make changes.  we have seen each other grow and change. I have learnt so much with these new friends and with the tools Matt has given and shared with us. Please if you want a change and are open to do the work ask about this training Matt offered. It was priceless to me and others in the group. Your friend Tracy S.


I have to thank Matt Rowe this journey
has been life changing! Mentally, physically, emotionally
His class is a safe place that I recommend anyone with or without a chronic illness to join.
Joshua H.

I too would like to thank Matt Rowe for the inspiration, so much valuable information, for giving me more confidence to keep going and knowing that I can do this. All this, even when things were recently really tough for me. Also, for being able to make a wonderful new group of friends! Thank you so much. I thoroughly recommend the Identity of Health path. You will not regret it I promise! Fran S.


ABOUT Matt Rowe

I want to encourage and guide you to live your best life with MS no matter what that means for you.

We can live the life we want and what our heart calls us to be.