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Whether you were recently diagnosed or you have been struggling with relapses and symptoms, we’re going to understand ourselves at a deeper level and know the steps to help control your MS so you can make the changes to feel better not because you have to, but because you want to.

The outcome I want for you is to feel better like you used to with fewer relapses, less worry and stress, with more energy and time with your family and friends.

As a group of others with MS, we give you the love,  and support you need to help make that happen, without shame, guilt, or fear. 

What we here about MS are the challenges, struggles and the debilitating nature of this disease. This fear worry and stress is delivered to us by doctors, media, family and friends, leaving us feeling broken or less than we are. We do not have to listen to this and we can change the perception of MS by feeling better and living better by gaining control over our symptoms.


Everything you’ll need to gain control and feel better is what Identity of MS is about.

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Thriving with MS has been a life changer. I am beyond grateful for this workshop and the amount of useful information each week. Not only have I worked on my mindset but I have gain loads of positive energy and community that understands my struggles and needs.  Something I have been missing in a long time is the hope that I can continue living with MS. Matt is an incredible leader and now dear friend. I will forever be grateful for my experience with Thriving with MS.  Ashley A.

"Joining Identity of MS, 12-week course that Matt Rowe has created, has given me a safe place to communicate with others that were given a diagnosis of MS. 

Matt shares a wealth of knowledge, he’s professional and above all a great listener and kind-hearted. 

I look forward to each week to my group session; sharing triumphs, laughter, and of course the more difficult days. 

I highly recommend reaching out to Matt to learn more about his 12-week program."  Samantha W.